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A non-profit, artistic community in the Wisconsin northwoods

School District Grants

CHARAC has earmarked $4,000 to distribute to the school districts within our boundaries; Drummond, Hayward, LCO, and Winter. This provides an opportunity to try new ideas with students but, because of financial constraints, might limit the scope of the idea.

For this grant, the art areas that will be considered include; the performing arts – music, band, orchestra, drama; literary arts; culinary arts; and visual arts.

What Process Needs To Be Followed To Access Grant Funds?

Each request for funds will require the applicant to complete and submit the “School District Grant Application” to the CHARAC Board of Directors for approval. CHARAC will award grants up to $1,000 for a project or special request. Applications for less will be considered on the same basis as those seeking the full amount of $1,000. It’s possible for a school district to receive more than one grant based on merit.

When is the Deadline For the Grant Application to be Submitted?

All applications for the School District Grants must be postmarked or recieved by e-mail no later than Oct. 31.

What is expected of the applicant if the grant is awarded?

The CHARAC Board of Directors requests that each grant recipient take part in the CHARAC fundraiser in May. At the event, grant recipients will share the essence of the grant and the results of the project with attendees.

The completed “School District Grant Application” may be submitted to CHARAC at PO Box 182, Cable, WI 54821 or email to

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