Cable Hayward Area Arts Council

A non-profit, artistic community in the Wisconsin northwoods

Becoming a Member

Join us and become a member of the Art Market 63 co-op gallery!

As a cooperative, Art Market 63 operates as a committee of and in partnership with CHARAC and provides member artists a place to promote and sell their work. Artists have a dedicated space allocation, arrange/hang their own work per the Space/Display Committee guidelines, set their own prices, provide their own display materials when possible and share the responsibilities of owning and operating the gallery.

Becoming an AM63 Member involves:

  • Joining CHARAC
  • Acceptance to the co-op via a jury process
  • A minimum one year financial commitment to the co-op

If you are a local artist with an interest in joining the gallery, please review the information on this page and please send an email to to inform us of your interest so that a member of the Jury Committee may contact you and give you additional information.

Each member of the gallery must be juried into Art Market 63 by a committee of current participating artists. Guidelines and criteria of the Jurying Committee are outlined here.

We host both working and non-working artists so note the differing information in the Co-op Agreement.

Art Market 63 Jurying Information

Potential Artist/Member Responsibilities:

  • Submit 3-5 pieces of each medium/category depending on your medium of art to be considered for sale in the Co-op. The art should be submitted in its final form with pricing.
  • Send your email noting your interest to the Jury Committee at
  • Complete this form and submit with your art work  –Art Market 63 Gallery Application 2017
  • If you are interested in becoming a guest artist for up to one month in our gallery read thru the Guest Artist Agreement_052414
  • Agree to work approximately 2 days a month. (Applies to working members.)
  • Agree to serve on at least 2 committees of the Co-op.
  • Participate in gallery special events and promotions.
  • Work with space committee regarding display:
    • Where space will be
    • Acceptable display “furniture” that the artist may need to supply.
  • Exhibit only artwork that has been juried in.
  • Agree to the other items in the existing contract for members.
  • List other places where your art is displayed.

Jurying Criteria:

Medium/Category (Refer to category definitions.)

  • Is there currently space and need for the artist’s art?


  • Is it unique?
  • Is it different than current artwork at AM63?


  • Is it sellable?
  • Will it be well received by AM63 clientele?


  • Is it “fresh” – not copied from someone or someplace else?
  • Is there a limited amount of “bought” items found in the artwork? If bought items are present, is the artist uniquely using them?


  • Is its overall presentation professional looking? (Quality frames and framing technique? Attractive display cards, boxes, tags, signs, etc.?)
  • Are all pieces of consistent high quality?

Operating Procedures for Jurying Committee

The committee will consist of three current members of the Co-op.

Jurying Committee meets once a month if there is artist’s work to consider, unless the Co-op is at a maximum for members and/or space. (The Board, jury committee, space committee will communicate on an ongoing basis if there is need for more members.)

A committee member will meet with the prospective member to talk and explain the Co-op operations & commitments.

The committee will provide, via the CHARAC website, the artist responsibilities, jurying criteria, & contract for the prospective member.

This committee will vote after discussion using the jurying criteria as a guideline. The artist needs to receive at least two affirmative votes to become a member of the Co-op. Artists having expertise in different mediums will be consulted if the committee deems this necessary for a good jurying process.

There will be a rotating chair who will be responsible for convening this committee when needed. This chair will rotate quarterly between the jury members.

The chair will be responsible for introducing new members to the co-op membership or informing the artist of failure to meet the co-op’s criteria.

The chair will be responsible for giving the new member any information needed to set-up their artwork… e.g. who the space committee person is and how to contact this person.

The chair will be responsible for giving contact information to the AM63 coordinator who will get them on committee(s) and explain and schedule work hours, inventory sheets & training and any additional pertinent information.

The committee members will monitor all displays during their assigned work days. If there is something unacceptable noted the coordinator will be alerted and action taken by the board if necessary.

The committee will keep records of notes and votes on an artist’s work for the co-op’s records only.

Co-op members need to inform this committee if they have a new art category to be juried in. This committee will respond in a timely manner to accommodate this colleague/partner.

Category / Medium Definitions

Ceramics: Functional and sculptural work where the primary material is clay.

Drawing and Graphics: Work created using dry media such as chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil or crayon or from fluid media such as ink applied by pen or brush.

Fiber: Decorative or wearable work created from fibers, including felting, basketry, papermaking, knitting, weaving sewing, quilting, etc. No machine tooling, machine screening or any form of mass production is permitted.

Glass: Functional and sculptural work where the primary material is glass that has been hand formed, worked, blown, cast, or fused.

Jewelry: Personal adornment. Original and unique designs incorporating any of the following: gold, silver, gemstones, glass, wood, clay, and other non-precious materials and combination thereof.

Leather: Work where the primary material is leather, including belts, handbags and wearable and sculptural work.

Metal: Functional and sculptural work where the primary material is metal.

Mixed Media: Includes 3D & 2D non-sculptural work incorporating more than one type of physical material or processes in its production (for example, an etching which is then painted; a collage of handmade papers and photography.) It also includes printed works for which the artist crafts the plates, stones or screens and pulls the prints. Recycled elements may be incorporated.

Painting: Original 2D work created in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and any fluid medium.

Photography: Prints from the artist’s original film or digital file.

Sculpture: see ceramics, fiber, glass, leather, metal, mixed media and wood.

Wood: Functional and sculptural work where the primary material is wood.

Music & Film: Original composition.

Lotions & Potions: Candles, lotions, bath products, perfumes, incense and balms.